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At Nordt we believe that “We must be the change
we wish to see in the world”.
Our Employees

The Human Factor
In the end, it is the human factor that makes Nordt Engineered Precious Metals the right choice for manufacturers in need of precious metal solutions. High technology tools and equipment are important in today’s manufacturing community but nothing is as valuable as the intelligent use of the experience, skills and dedication that Nordt employees bring to our customers.

Dedication and Experience
We enjoy a long list of employees with over 20 years experience at Nordt. Their many project successes at Nordt ensures our customers that they are working with experts in their respective fields of expertise. Many of our employees brought with them extensive experience in diverse manufacturing communities and they have aided Nordt in widening out their understanding of the needs of the industrial community.

Because we are contract manufacturers, our staff operates under the assumption that every OEM’s request for product will likely be unique in some way. This enables our employees to eliminate assumptions that might lead to disappointment and collect answers to any and all questions that might affect our customer’s satisfaction once the product is delivered. We understand the need to carefully listen to each opportunity.