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Staying focused on the next door that opens is what

has allowed us to stay in business for 135 years.

We hope that the next door that opens is yours.


  • 1872  John C. Nordt Company formed in New York City
  • 1950  Paul W. Nordt and his son Paul Nordt III develop “FusionForged® metal forming
    process for precious metals.
  • 1980  Paul Nordt III further develops the FusionForged® Process to form multi-metals
    into diffusion bonded coaxial multi-ply tubing.
  • 1986  Nordt engineers gold and brass tubing for bead manufacturing.
  • 1990  Nordt engineers probe tubing for the electronics industry.
  • 1999  Nordt manufactures platinum materials used in U.S. space shuttle.
  • 2001  Nordt engineers acoustalloy™ materials for symphonic flute industry.
  • 2002  Nordt engineers titanium and gold or silver bi-metal tubing or rod for industrial use.