Nordt Engineered Precious Metals offers over 135 years of
precious metal manufacturing experience to our customers.
Listed below are some of the Titanium alloys that
we can produce.

Titanium will be customized in your Nordt Engineered Precious Metal Titanium Alloy to accommodate your required material properties and characteristics.

With literally hundreds of Titanium Alloys available we encourage you to simply indicate which alloy you are considering or suggest a new alloy that you would like to test and Nordt Engineered Precious metals will be happy to discuss the production of your particular Titanium Alloy with you.

NiTi  Nitinol
Nickel titanium (NiTi) is a shape memory alloy also commonly referred to by the name Nitinol. It has been found that shape memory alloys can recover substantial amounts of strain, and/or generate significant force, when changing shape.
Above its transformation temperature, Nitinol is superelastic, able to withstand a small amount of deformation when a load is applied and return to its original shape when the load is removed. Below its transformation temperature, it displays the shape memory effect. When it is deformed it will remain in that shape until heated above its transformation temperature, at which time it will return to its original shape.
Nitinol is typically composed of approximately 50 to 55.6% nickel by weight.
Other Shape memory Alloys (SMA)

  • CuSn    Copper Tin
  • InTi       Indium Titanium
  • MnCu   Manganese Copper

Titanium Clads
Titanium clads such as Ti/Au and Ti/Ag are available and we encourage your questions regarding the development of other titanium clads for your particular engineering needs.