As a Precious Metal Contract Manufacturer
Nordt EPM offers:
  • Access to 135 years of precious metal experience
  • FusionForged® materials for longer “in service” life.
  • Lower costs thru reduced capital employment
  • The elimination of the common sources of material failure.
  • ISO 9001 Certification
Aerospace Aerospace
Aerospace engineers can rely on Nordt’s Precious metal expertise to achieve maximum material density to provide unsurpassed product life.


The physical and chemical properties of Precious Metals make them irreplaceable for electronic and electrical applications.
Environmental Environmental
Equipment and processes that produce cleaner air and water often use precious or specialty metals to provide a cleaner environment.
Fuel Cells Fuel Cells
Our planet needs help and Fuel Cell Technology, with the help of precious
metal components, is a promising solution to unnecessary pollution.
Glass Manufacturing Glass Manufacturing
The high temperature conditions of industrial Glass furnaces requires the use of a number of products made from Platinum Group Metal Alloys because of their high melting temperatures.
Solderless Two-tones Jewelry
Nordt Engineered Precious Metals is pleased to be a division of it’s parent company, The John C. Nordt Company, a global leader in private label jewelry manufacturing.
Nuclear Nuclear
Nordt Engineered Precious Metals FusionForged® Control Rods are developed under your direction to maximize neutron absorption.
Symphonic Flutes Symphonic Flutes
We provide the palette of precious metal materials that will act as the canvas, color
and texture in your works of musical art!

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