Rendering of the Nordt building
As a Precious Metal Contract Manufacturer
Established in 1872, Nordt is considered the leader in the development of precious metal manufacturing innovations for 5 generations.

Our History
Founded more than a century ago by German immigrant John Charles `Nordt, the company has managed manufacturing facilities in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Virginia. In 1984 the company designed and constructed a new 35,000 square foot facility in Roanoke Virginia, dedicated to manufacturing high precision precious metal products. The facility has expanded to nearly 50,000 square feet in order to meet the demands of customer growth and new technology.

Company Innovations
The company initially provided jewelry products to domestic jewelry manufacturers in the United States. In the early 1950’s members of the Nordt family designed and developed a hot extrusion process to manufacture precious metals tube products. This unique process addresses the unique issues that need to be considered when processing materials with high melting temperatures, such as precious metals. This FusionForged® process produces materials with superior mechanical properties. Further development of this process saw the introduction of co-extrusion of up to 7 different materials resulting in metallurgically bonded multi-metals including gold and titanium, silver and titanium, gold and silver, platinum and palladium and dozens of other combinations.

Nordt has provided FusionForged® Precious Metals to produce a wide array of materials and parts for use in many diverse industries.

135 Years of Manufacturing Experience
Our history speaks to our niche in the industrial community, which is 135 years of hands on experience as a Precious Metal Manufacturer.  We are experts in our field and pleased to offer our proud tradition of excellence to Science and Industry.