Fusion Forged Technology
FusionForged® Technology was originally developed specifically
for precious metals, but is also applicable to many other alloys.
The process produces superior quality, symmetrically formed parts
with a fine-grain, defect free microstructure.
FusionForged® Technology

What is Fusion Forging?
The key feature of Fusion Forging is the simultaneous application of high temperature, high hydrostatic pressure and high-shear plastic deformation to form metals into a useful shape. 

Temperatures as high as 1200C (2200F), together with hydrostatic pressures up to 3,500 Mpa (500+ksi) and substantial plastic deformation (up to 100:1), applied simultaneously, combine to produce metals that are fully dense, free of flaws, and exhibit optimum mechanical properties. 

Benefits of FusionForged Materials
Material Benefits of FusionForged® Materials

  • Maximum Theoretical Density 
  • Porosity Free
  • Symmetrical Deformation Textures ( Flow Lines)
  • Uniform Fine Grain Structure / Fully Wrought Microstructure
  • Uniform Temper or Hardness
  • Optimal Mechanical Properties
  • Economies of Near Net Shapes

Educated Eyes

Our Precious Metals expertise acts as a fresh set of educated eyes to engineers and manufacturers who may be familiar with traditional metal forming techniques but are not at all familiar with the benefits of FusionForged®  technology.


FusionForged® Multi-Metals                                          
Nordt’s proprietary Fusion Forging process provides a unique method for producing clads or multi-metals with desirable combinations of properties. By using the benefits of direct forward lubricated extrusion and high temperatures we in effect, provide an incubator to create fully bonded, multiple-layered materials (7 plys or more), such as: gold/titanium, silver/nickel, platinum/columbium and endless other combinations. This results in products with multiple material characteristics and benefits.

For example, by combining gold with titanium, we can achieve a material with electro-conductive benefits that is more rigid and lighter than most gold alloys and less expensive as well.

Benefits of FusionForged® Multi-Metals are identical to single metal materials with the addition of the following::

  • Thicker layers of metallurgically bonded materials provide longer product life than products made using plating or coatings with substantially thinner and less durable layers.
  • Eliminates assembly and plating costs