Manufacturing Technologies
Nordt provides state-of-the-art technologies
coupled with proprietary metal forming techniques
and processes to provide superior” In Service Life
to our products.
Manufacturing Technology

Our high security manufacturing facility includes 50,000 square feet and unmatched state-of-the-art precious metal
manufacturing technology.

Technical Expertise and High Volume Capacity

  • 135 years of precious metals manufacturing.
  • Support for all development stages
    Materials Selection, Custom Design Engineering, Prototype, Manufacturing Design, Volume Manufacturing
  • Complete process control from melting to metal forming to precision machining
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment including:

    Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
    • Vacuum Melting
    • High Temperature Forging and Extrusion
    • Vertical and Horizontal drawing using both fixed and floating plugs.
    • Rolling
    • Fully automated 5 axis CNC machining
    • Dual spindle CNC , high production lathes
  • Continuous investment in new technologies and equipment
  • JIT delivery
  • Dedicated professional sales and service team to provide rapid response