Keys to Successful Contract Manufacturing

Keys to Successful Contract Manufacturing:

  • Get Nordt Involved Early in the Process.
  • Collect Design Details Completely
  • Stay Flexible
  • Have Realistic Expectations
  • Visit the Nordt Facility as Soon as Possible.
Here are our Keys to Successful Contract Manufacturing

1. Get Nordt Involved Early in the Process
We are experts in precious metals materials and manufacturing, so we ask that our customers take advantage of our expertise. We suggest that you get us involved early in the development of a new product, alloy or idea so that we can alert you to any concerns or risks unique to precious metal alloys. This will reduce the costs of manufacturing the product and improve the cost benefit ratio of new product development.

2. Collect Design Details Completely
We work directly with engineers and although we love purchasing agents, we don’t expect them to be able to explain documentation to us. If we feel there is insufficient design and engineering documentation, our experience tells us that various aspects of the product may not have been completely thought through, and Nordt will need answers directly from your technical staff.

Our product development questions are designed to make certain that the solid model drawings or prototypes that are produced can be volume manufactured consistently within the contracted time and budget. We ask our OEMs to provide product details that will allow us to produce a “stable” product that can be validated and manufactured. Once this has been accomplished, improvements can be requested as necessary. We caution all OEMs that if the design is a constantly moving target, the cost and time parameters will grow and deadlines will inevitably be missed.

Raw Material Requirements
First let us help you consider the raw material requirements. If your process requires certain material attributes let us help you identify which material can best be used to manufacture your product efficiently and extend your product’s life.

Product Function and Market Information
How is the product to be used, and what are the working conditions it will experience? By knowing the answers to these questions, Nordt Linear Technologies can better select and develop manufacturing processes and materials with appropriate characteristics to make the product work as designed.

Quality Requirements
What are your AQL levels and criteria? We need to know up front how intensive the quality inspection and testing process must be to meet your requirements. Cost and delivery will be affected by this information.

Product Pricing
By understanding what your price considerations are we may be able to suggest design and manufacturing trade offs to meet your budget considerations. Knowing how large the order size will be may also affect the choice of manufacturing processes. If the production runs will be dozens, hundreds or thousands per month, price will be affected by our ability to design the best process for the quantity ordered.

Prototype Dangers
Prototypes are often manufactured as “one off” examples which were made to pass certification requirements. It is best to manufacture prototypes using the same processes and equipment that will be used for production manufacturing. This reduces or eliminates the need for redesign due to manufacturing limitations. To accomplish this we encourage OEMs to get Nordt involved early in the development process.

3. Stay Flexible
Make certain that design schedules allow time for adjustments which may be necessary in order to manufacture the new product consistently. If the product is a mature product, please make Nordt aware of the issues that your previous manufacture had to overcome to provide an acceptable product.

4. Have a Realistic Expectation
Make certain Nordt is aware of the regulatory requirements of the product that your industry requires. Allow us enough time to meet the requirements of a validation plan. Don’t set a product launch date before we provide a detailed validation plan and schedule.

5. Visit our Facility
By visiting our facility you can see what equipment we have, how we work as a team and gain a better understanding of what we can and cannot do. Engineers who take the time to see what FusionForged® technology produces can benefit from the experience. A first hand look at the materials that Nordt Linear Products produces will quickly build unmatched confidence of those who visit.

Our Conclusion
Our Conclusion is that in any working partnership, knowing each others expectations is critical to success. Be clear on price
targets, set key milestones
together and identify critical deadlines. By maintaining clear communications on these issues,
Nordt has successfully served as a contract manufacturer to both large and small companies for over 100 years.