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“The material characteristics that make precious metals so attractive to industry are the very same characteristics that make precious metals so hard to work with. It is our intimate understanding of the working characteristics of precious metals that makes Nordt the best choice for our customers.”

Quote by Paul Nordt , Chairman and CEO

Paul W. NordtPaul Nordt

Paul W. Nordt is Chairman and CEO of John C. Nordt Co., Inc., located in Roanoke Virginia. The company was founded in New York City in 1872 and is a leading manufacturer of precious metal products. Paul and his brother Robert, who serves as President, represent the fourth generation in the precious metals industry.

Paul Nordt earned a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Lehigh University in 1963, followed by graduate work in X-ray and theoretical metallurgy at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hartford Graduate Center, in 1965-66.

He worked as a Senior Metallurgist at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, and then held a management General Electrics Quality Control Laboratory before joining the Nordt Company. He developed the practical application of the hot extrusion of precious metals and other materials with high temperature melting points. This process which is trademarked as FusionForged® produces high quality, precious metal seamless tubing and parts, a process originally pioneered by his father, Paul W. Nordt Jr.

Paul holds memberships with the ASM International, The International Precious Metals Institute, The Minerals Society, the Tube and Pipe Association and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He is a licensed pilot and is an active community leader.

Paul is personally active in the manufacturing process and is a leader in innovative metal processing technologies. He invites Global Companies to contact him with short or long term projects which may require Nordt’s experience and proprietary metal forming processes.