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The Key Benefits of High Performance FusionForged®

Precious Metals are best explained by science. The results

of these benefits are clearly economic.

Fusion Forged Material Benefits

FusionForged® Precious Metals offer many advantages to materials formed by other traditional metal forming processes. Our customers are looking for higher performance levels and they get that from Fusion Forged® Precious Metals in the form of Longer “In Service Life”.

 What enables Nordt EPM to extend the “ in service life” of our metals?

The answers are found in science, not in the form of an elaborate marketing explanation. Longer “In service life” simply means that the metals in our products do not break down as quickly.

Metal failure is the culprit in the early demise of precious metal products. Nordt’s proprietary FusionForged® process addresses many of the causes of metal failure by providing the following:

  • Maximum Theoretical Density
  • Symmetrical Deformation Textures (Flow Lines
  • Virtually Porosity Free Materials (No detectable Porosity)
  • Uniform Fine Grain Structure / Fully wrought Microstructure
  • Uniform Temper or Hardness
  • Optimal mechanical Properties

What about the economic benefits of FusionForged® Precious Metals?

  • High Performance Precious Metals means that our products last longer and need to be replaced less frequently.
  • Forming parts like rocket nozzles directly into their near net shape can reduce the precious metal manufacturing investment by tens of thousands of dollars per nozzle.
  • FusionForged Multi-Metals or clads provide the benefit of using less expensive materials in part of the design and reducing the high cost of precious metal alloys where not necessary for function.
Multi-metals formed during the FusionForged® process can eliminate assembly costs and provide better and longer lasting results than plating or coating processes.